Shiitake Mushrooms (Lentinula edodes)

Holy Shiitake!

Shiitake mushrooms are one of the most popular mushrooms world wide. They have a rich, savory taste and are said to have diverse health benefits. The shiitake is an edible mushroom native in East Asia.

They’re tan to dark brown, with caps that grow between 2 and 4 inches (5 and 10 cm). While typically eaten like vegetables, shiitake are fungi that grow naturally on decaying hardwood trees. Around 83% of shiitake are grown in Japan, although the United States, Canada, Singapore, and China also produce them. You can find them fresh, dried, or in various dietary supplements.

Shiitake mushrooms are super versatile. Sauté them up as a side dish, or add them to stir fries, noodles, ramen…or even make them into bacon! This mushroom is great holding its own in a risotto, or acting as a supporting character for a mix of fungi on a pizza. Herhttps://momsdish.com/shiitake-mushroomse’s more about it and a tasty recipe for simple sautéed shiitake mushrooms…which are insanely delicious, by the way.

Shiitake mushrooms also have medicinal properties.

Shiitake mushrooms have one of the highest amounts of natural copper, a mineral that supports healthy blood vessels, bones, and immune support. In fact, 1/2 cup of shiitake mushrooms gives you 72 percent of your daily recommended intake (DRI) of this mineral. The mushrooms are also a rich source of selenium, providing 33 percent of your DRI.

Here are additional health benefits for shiitake mushrooms:

Improve heart health: Shiitake mushrooms contain eritadenine, a compound known to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. They also contain beta-glucans that reduce inflammation and help prevent the intestines from absorbing cholesterol. 

Support immune health: Shiitake are rich in polysaccharides like lentinans and other beta-glucans. These compounds protect against cell damage, help your immune system, and boost white blood cell production for fighting off microbes. Polysaccharides also have anti-inflammatory properties.

So overall, shiitake mushrooms are one of our favorites!

Watch this beautiful time lapse of growing shiitake mushrooms!

Interested in growing shiitake mushrooms? Learn how to grow your own shiitake mushrooms!

Shiitake mushrooms growing on substrate.
Shiitake mushrooms

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